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How Paint Protection Film (PPF) Protects Your Car

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)? Paint Protection Film are also called Clear Bra, Scratch Protective Film, Stone Guard, and other names depending on where you live. It is a layer of thin urethane film placed over your car’s paint to protect it from the elements, rock chips, UV exposure, bird droppings, small scratches, acid rain, etc.

Why You Need It – The Key Benefits Of Paint Protection Films

Protects Your Car's Paint. Keep Your Car Looking Great!

When a rock flies into the car, it will make contact with a jagged edge or point, focusing all of the impact energy into a very small area. Or when your car is exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Depending on where you park, you may have different shades of paint that need to be repainted or corrected.

Once this happens, the paint is never going to be perfect again. You can touch up the chipped or faded areas and reapply the clear coat, and with enough polishing, the paint will look great from any reasonable distance. However, automotive paint is thin and not very flexible, so it will crack and eventually chip away.

When you have PPF applied, the urethane layer will flex when impacted by rock chips, absorbing some of the force and spreading out the rest onto a much wider area. It also has a unique chemical property that makes it resistant to UV radiation, thereby saving the paint.

XPEL Paint Protection Film vs 70mph rocks!

(Source : XPEL Youtube Channel)

Protection From Chemical Reaction

Paint protection films will protect your vehicle from chemical damage caused by acid rain, washing soap, and bird droppings. These chemicals eat away at your paint, exposing the bare metal to the elements. With paint protection film, you no need to worry about the chemical elements!

Maintains Easily

There is very little maintenance with paint protection film. It does not chip easily or let water seep in if installed by a professional and experienced installer. Once your car gets dirty, you can easily clean your car's surface because the film is dust and dirt resistant.

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